About Us

Products and Services: We’re primarily a Marketing Product Design Company & Production. We provide products by designing and producing content and products for our targeted demographics. We provide content to specific clients, and will provide our target demographics a gateway to our exclusive content and products as well. Right now we’re providing photography and video production services to our specialized industries such as, the pro wrestling industry, video gaming industry, adult video industry, and the television industry. For these industries, we can provide [as a director, producer, video editor, and/or camera operator] video interviews, documentation, and short films (commercial advertisements, independent films, and TV show style series). 

Goal: Our goal is to provide the best possible content and products to our target demographics.

Target Demographics: Primary:  Males 18-35; Secondary: Males 36-49

Geographic Target Markets: Primary: United States and Canada

Founded: May 2010

Founder: Mark Maddan [Bio]

Headquarters: Hazleton, PA

Samples and Recent Work: