Monday, April 18, 2011

Updates on Project "The Adult Journalist"

Go to for start-up updates on the progress of the project.

As of right now my plans for the website will be somewhat similar to the Huffington Post. Which is allow freelance content providers to provide pretty much free content to the website, in trade for free promotion. This is what I want, I want to promote other adult industry journalists content and brand for I can provide a better choices for the viewers/readers. I also want is to make it easy as possible for the audience that is craving for this content via more modern formats than the traditional formats of written content -no offence to the writers, it's just written content is for a different audience than visual/audio content and right now I don't see much visual/audio content for Adult Industry Journalism.

So this project will be basically streamlining multimedia content in all formats but more focused in video, then audio, and then written in that order. I will have sections as to what some may call "Columnists" but for video/audio content only [at first].

The motto of the site will be basically providing a single central source of multimedia news source of the adult industry with original and exclusive content.

I will start building the website for The Adult Journalist as soon as possible. As to the progress on the website, I did get dropul up for this and will be "messing around" with the system and learning how it works, but it looks like dropul is the way to go for an online publication.

Anyone interested in assisting me in any form let me know, hit me up on facebook or email, whatever you want.I'll be posting job openings once I've completed the design of the website.


Audience: To provide a single streamline centralized location to the audience craving our content about the adult industry.

Content Providers: To increase exposure and promotion to your brand and content.

How does that sound guys!? I'm honestly excited and can't wait on who I'll be working aside on providing as much content as possible to the audiences.

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