Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why be a Photographer?

I was recently asked by my studio instructor in college last night about this as I do offer video production as my service as well with photography. And he asked me [to rephrase] which is more important or high priority to me (or the company), and that was a difficult question without answering it with a both are my love. My motivation personally in photographing is I have an artistic principle, things that are naturally or artificially beautiful to my eyes I think should be documented as historical art, i.e. Mona Lisa, or Michael Angelo, and the like, just in a still camera sense. More specifically with women as the art piece, in my end that I think is important to be documented in some artistic way such as photography or other forms.

Historical art to me is a big deal to human history in present, past, and in the future. I have a large respect for all the arts that are considered historical art even though all are is subjective, historical art is favored by the massed of human society. That's one of the main reasons I became a photographer because I enjoy seeing historical art, and I would like to create historical art someday for society can enjoy for the rest of the human history. And no not in a egotistical way, I just believe people can learn a lot from history, and historical art, as art piece that effects millions of people's perception of what and where is art.

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