Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking for FREE professional looking photos?

Hey, my name is Mark Maddan; I'm studying to be a professional photographer in portrait photography. I would like to offer my services and give you FREE digital copies of our photo shoot. In other words *FOR TRADE*, which means I trade you my free photography services and digital copies for your service as a model and for I can use the images on my public (e.g. advertising) and private portfolios. You’re as well would be required to sign a model release form to all or specific images of the shoot. I am very flexible, understanding, and we can go to any location you want, as well wear anything you want and feel comfortable wearing. Right now I am available on all day weekends, and any day and time during college holiday breaks (or between semesters).

You can contact me at MarkMaddan@gmail.com and by adding me onto facebook (www.facebook.MarkMaddan.com), and/or Skype (on skype search/add markmaddan user name) [add me on facebook to let me know you've added me onto skype] to setup an appointment, ask questions and mention any misunderstandings/concerns, and we’ll exchange phone numbers via one of the communication methods I've mentioned above. Please set a few hours of your free time aside for a full day of shooting depending on how many shots you'd like and at how many locations you'd like them at. Also please choose at least 3 different dates before setting up an appointment with me for we can set one up as efficient as possible. If you're interested in modeling, feel free to bring a chaperone or anyone with you. The type of models I'm seeking are females, and preferable to be real and authentic looking. Free light refreshments will be prepared at indoor studio shoots.

What you get out of this photo shoot with me is the following:
  • Experience as a model
  • Full Copyright usage, at full resolution images of the photos you've selected or all photos from our photo shoot(s).
  • Digital Copies at full resolution, and web friendly (optimized) photos from our shoot(s).
  • Any photos used as in a for profit gain on my end at any time you'd receive compensation for the usage, but the primary usage from what we're agreeing for this agreement are for advertising and promotional purposes only (and portfolios), there is no intent for profit gain, nor should I gain any profit from the images unless offered, if offered I'd contact you (the model(s)) for a compensation agreement contract for specific photos to use in a for profit gain. 
    • And as a Bonus, you'd get free photo retouching if necessary on any photos you'd like and at any form of style you'd like to see them in, i.e. black and white, color toning, spot healing, etc.